Gas Sources

MBE Components

Components for Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Effusion Cells
Standard Effusion Cell - WEZOrganic Material Effusion Cell - OME
Mini Effusion Cell - MEZ High Temperature Effusion Cell - HTEZ
Production Effusion Cell - PEZ High Temperature Source - HTS
Low Temperature Effusion Cell - NTEZOxygen Resistant Effusion Cell - OREZ
Valved Sources
Valved GaP Compound Source - VGCSValved Arsenic Cracker Source - VACS
Electron Beam Evaporators
Standard E-Beam Evaporator - EBVVertical E-Beam Evaporator - EBVV
Multi-Pocket E-Beam Evaporator - EBVMHV Power Supplies for EBV Series
Dopant Sources
Silicon Sublimation Source - SUSIDual Dopant Source - DCS
Carbon Sublimation Source - SUKO
Dopant Source Materials
Gallium Phosphide Cubes - 6N Pure Monocrystalline Silicon - >1000 Ohm/cm
Single Crystal, 0.5g Shaped to fit customer's crucibles, 2cc - 500cc
Gas Sources
Hydrogen Atom Beam Source - HABSGas Cracker Cell - GRZ
Hydrogen Cracker Source - HCSThermal Gas Injector - TGI
MBE/UHV Systems
Research MBE SystemsIn-Situ Etching Systems - ISES
Substrate Manipulator - SH Cross Beam Ionizer - CBI
Power Supply, Temperature Control - PSShutter Control Unit - SCU
Thermocouples - TCShutter - S
Cables and Connectors - CASof Acting Rotary Shutter Module - RSM
Manipulator Control Unit - MCUSoft Acting Linear Shutter Module - LSM
Cryopump Valve Control Unit - CVCUMagnetic Rotary Feedthrough - MRD
Beam Flux Monitor - BFMViewport Shutter - FSH
Cooling Shroud - CS Crucibles - CRU