99.99999% (7N) Pure
Complete lot analysis by Spark Source Mass Spectrometer supplied with each shipment.
All elements <0.02ppmw detection limit

IngotsWeightPackagingUMC Code
27mmH x 33mmW x110mmL500 grams IndividualGA7500
45mmD x 60mmL 500 grams IndividualGA7500B
14mmH x 18mmW x 84mmL 100 grams IndividualGA7100
8mmH x 12mmW x 53mmL 25 grams IndividualGA725
20mmD x 16mmL 25 grams IndividualGA725B
14mmD x 6mmL 5 grams 50 grams GA705
8mmD x 6mmL 1 gram 50 grams or 500 grams GA701
Tapered Charges
Form/Size (mm)WeightPackagingUMC Code
30mmD - 75mmD x 145mmL 1900 grams Individual GA71900
35mmD - 45mmD x 142mmL 1000 grams Individual GA71KB
12mmD - 54mmD x 110mmL 600 grams Individual GA7VG200
Disc Charges
Form/Size (mm)WeightPackagingUMC Code
110mmD x 45mmL 2000 grams Individual GA7V150

Ingots are individually vacuum packed in double polyethylene bags.
One and five gram pieces are vacuum packed in the quantities indicated.

Gallium must be kept frozen and is only shipped on Mondays,Tuesdays and Wednesdays via overnight carrier with chemical refrigerant.