Daylight Fluorescence

United Mineral & Chemical (UMC) offers a full line of dry color fluorescent pigments to meet the most demanding applications. UMC is the exclusive distributor of Uk Seung Chemical Company, a South Korean Manufacturer for these products. Please refer to your particular application area below.

UMC is also the exclusive distributor of Nippon Keiko Kagaku Co., a Japanese manufacturer of water based fluorescent dispersions which are compatible with virtually all aqueous formulations. Please refer to your particular application area below.

  • Textiles


      UMC offers a wide range of strong, vibrant, fluorescent pigments to suit many textile applications. Footwear, swimwear, athletic tops,…

  • Digital Inks

    Digital Inks

    Lumikol dispersions fill the growing need for new effects in Digital Inks meeting the requirements for ultra-small particle size distribution…

  • Highlighters and Markers

    Highlighters and Markers

    An ultra-sub-micron line of dispersions that can be used for Highlighter and Marker inks. Low viscosity, non-formaldehyde products that are…

  • Gel Inks

    Gel Inks

    Lumikol Sub-micron particle size fluorescent dispersions are used in the newest Gel Ink applications. The inks made from this line…

  • Flexographic / Gravure Printing Inks

    Flexographic / Gravure Printing Inks

    UMC offers a line of water based dispersions. These sub-micron particle size products are especially designed for water based Flexo…

  • Paper Coating

    Paper Coating

    UMC offers several lines of economical dry color materials that provide excellent color intensity and color strength.

  • Hobby Market

    Hobby Market

    UMC offers ACMI pre-approved material that is suitable for tempera paints, molding clays, bingo markers, crayons, and other such hobbies.…

  • Plastics


    Heat stable product lines that are non-migratory provide good opacity with a narrow particle size distribution. Formaldehyde Free, Low plate…

  • Aerosol Paints

    Aerosol Paints

    Ultra-fine particle size material is available in a complete range of colors, suitable for use in a wide variety of…

  • Printing Inks

    Printing Inks

    A wide variety of colors & product lines are available in dry form (powder) for water based and solvent based…

  • Coatings


    UMC offers a full line of traditional fluorescent colors for the coatings industry. Properties include excellent hiding power, strong &…

  • Screen Inks

    Screen Inks

    UMC offers a full line of traditional fluorescent dry color powders, including yellow, orange, red, pink, rose, violet, magenta, blue…