UMC is the exclusive distributor of Nemoto & Co. Ltd., the world's number one manufacturer of phosphorescent pigments. UMC is an industry leader in the development of codes and standards in the safety industry. Our management retains a seat on the board of directors for the Photoluminescent Safety Association and actively participates on the ASTM E12 committee and the UL 924 and UL 1994 standard technical panels.

UMC offers two different chemistries of Phosphorescent (glow in the dark) pigments:

(Strontium Aluminate based): Glows 10 times brighter & 10 times longer than Zinc Sulfide based pigments!

LumiNova® is a class of newly developed phosphorescent (glow in the dark) pigments which are based on Strontium Oxide Aluminate chemistry. They are drastically different from conventional phosphorescent pigments which are either based on Zinc Sulfide or on radioisotopes for their self luminous properties.

LumiNova® Special Grades for Special Applications

Zinc Sulfide Based Phosphorescent Pigments

These classic “glow in the dark” or phosphorescent pigments consist of very fine crystals of Zinc Sulfide. Copper is added to the Zinc Sulfide as an activator. This allows the crystals to absorb light and slowly emit it over time. This slow emission is called phosphorescence.