Epoxy Resin Solid

UMC has been a supplier of Bisphenol- A solid Epoxy Resins for over 25 years, mainly to the powder coating manufacturers in North America and Mexico.
UMC supplies various grades of resin depending on the technical requirements of our customers.

UMC supplies material produced by several of the major global manufacturers of Epoxy resins in China, Europe and the Middle East therefore assuring our customers that they will be receiving not only prime quality material but also at highly competitive prices.

UMC also offers liquid Bisphenol-A Epoxy Resins which are used mainly used in various industries including paint and coatings, adhesives, composites and construction products.

In addition UMC is a supplier of TGIG which is used in conjunction with solid epoxies as well as polyester resins which UMC also supplies.

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