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UMC is the US distributor for CQV Cosmetic Pearlescent pigments in the Midwest and Eastern States.

CQV Co., Ltd., is a Korean based supplier that specializes in the manufacture and development of effect pigment technologies. CQV is considered by many multinational companies as a reliable partner that prides itself on “state of the art “ R&D and technical support.

CQV has reached Ecovadis “ Platinum status”.  It is a process that evaluates the 4 main sectors such as environment, sustainable purchasing policy, labor and human rights and ethics based on the 3 criteria (Policy, Action & Result)

  • Featheleve®
  • Econa® N
  • Mirinae®
  • Glare®
  • Glare® Silver
  • Esorora Glare®
  • Skolor Glare®
  • Skolor® Natural
  • Magchrom®
  • Cosmetica® Natural

The FEATHELEVE® product line is ideal for applications that call for soft glow and luminosity. These pigments offer color correction properties and SPF boosting help. FEATHELEVE® are superb for lightweight makeup, foundations, emulsions, and even nail polish applications.

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Econa® N

The ECONA® N series combines natural plant extracts with natural mica pearl substrates to create a truly unique pigment offering. This color pigment family has performance benefits over commonly used colorants, such as better light stability and less color bleed throughout a wider ph range. Available in red, blue & black, ECONA® N pigments also exhibit anti-oxidant properties for use in all makeup and personal care applications.

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Mirinae utilizes man-made platy-alumina. This material when used as an effect pigment generates an extremely soft feel, while at the same time provides unique travel and appearance properties.  Special features include uniform thickness, great sparkling effect and color purity.  Can be used in all cosmetic products.  When applied to make-up products the effect will be maximized.

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The Glare® product family employs borosilicate substrates to create exceptionally clean and transparent pearlescent effects. Available in silver, iridescent, and metallic colors, the Glare® product line is offered in several particle size distributions, from satiny luster, to frosty shimmer, to sparkling glitter effects.

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Glare® Silver

The Glare Silver line of borosilicate products features a precipitated coating of metallic Silver (Ag). This product family is available in four dazzling particle size distributions.

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Esorora Glare®

The ESORORA Glare® series is a borosilicate-based, color-travel effect pigment. Incident light is refracted through several metal-oxide layers, providing an angle-dependent, multi-iridescent color effect. This product line offers excellent transparency, clean color and bright shimmer effects.

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Skolor Glare®

The Skolor Glare® pigment line builds on borosilicate technology with an additional layer of absorption pigments. The results are strong tones of red, blue, violet, and flip-flop color effects, all offering the clean and vibrant color spaces that is characteristic of borosilicate substrates.

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Skolor® Natural

The Skolor® Natural product line is comprised of iridescent natural mica based pigments coated with matching or complimentary absorption colorants. Here, the formulator will find brilliant shades of red, blue, green, violet, and more. Skolor® Natural pigments are used in most makeup applications.

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The MAGCHROM® pigment line delivers superior iridescent and silver effects though a unique metal oxide precipitation process during the reaction phase of production. Based on natural mica, MAGCHROM® provides an improved effect pigment model that can deliver iridescent colors even in semi-opaque formula systems.

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Cosmetica® Natural

The Cosmetica® Natural pearl series is based on a natural mica substrate. This pearl family is coated with titanium dioxide, iron oxide or a combination of both. It provides high luster, high chroma, opacity and excellent batch consistency. This series includes various products and particle sizes for general purpose cosmetic & personal care applications.

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  • TwinOne™ SS-1000(PMSQ)
  • Mirinae Alumina Powder
  • Performance Filler Powders
TwinOne™ SS-1000(PMSQ)

The challenge of maintaining that “just applied makeup” look is two-fold; counteracting the negative effect of both secreted sebum oil and perspiration. Sebum oil tends to breakdown finely applied makeup resulting in unwanted shiny skin. Perspiration, primarily water and salt, can leave the face looking flat and unnatural. While these two facial secretions are seemingly incompatible with each other, TwinOne™ SS-1000 effectively and simultaneously controls both. Sebum oil and perspiration are absorbed, controlled and maintained while leaving the skin with a soft and silky feel. Natural looking, long wear makeup is now possible with TwinOne™ SS-1000.

Applications: Base Make-Up, Lip-type products, skin care and sun care products.

Big Takeaways:

  • TwinOne has excellent compatibility in distilled water and silicone oils as compared to conventional PMSQ powders.
  • Soft Focus- shows improved light scattering versus conventional PMSQ powders.
  • Luxurious Skin Feel- the unique surface improves the application and feel of finished makeup products.
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Mirinae Alumina Powder

Big Takeaways:

  • Thin and plat surface of special extender filler.
  • Very thin and uniform thickness.
  • Clear whiteness.
  • Slightly lustrous filler: Natural Soft Focus Effect.
  • Improving texture and uniform spread on skin.
  • Excellent adhesion: Long lasting effect. Good color expression.
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Performance Filler Powders

Premium alumina, natural mica, and synthetic mica powders for your formulation needs.


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