Befumo, Hill to Run UMC

Befumo, Hill to Run UMC


At the United Mineral and Chemical Corporation (UMC) annual Sales Meeting, in Cleveland, Ohio, it was announced that Phil Befumo will officially transition to President of UMC as of July 1, 2022.

Phil has been an exemplary leader and a catalyst of UMC’s success for the past 26 years and most recently as it’s Colorants Business Unit Manager. Phil is a recognized leader in the industry and during his tenure at UMC has led the High Purity Metals Group, as well as overseeing operations in UMC’s Food & Beverage Group.

In addition to Phil, Zelos Hill has become UMC’s Chief Operating Officer and has already implemented new operating systems and procedures that will help UMC continue its impressive growth. Zelos comes to UMC from Lukoil Pan Americas where he led Middle Office operations essential to a smooth and highly effective business built with all stakeholders in mind.

As for former President Mike Sansonetti, he has taken on the role of “President Emeritus” where he will have the opportunity to concentrate on and lead several of UMC’s “Key” initiatives. These include, but are not limited to, supplier, account, and employee retention. Mike is also leading UMC’s vision and efforts around culture with trade shows, exhibitions, and internal company meetings for which UMC has become a fixture of over the past 30 years.

Alexandre Leviant, CEO of ICD Group of which UMC is a member, states “Under Mike’s leadership, UMC has experienced consistent record growth with a strong foundation laid for the future. We are also incredibly grateful that his continued experience, mentorship, and guidance will serve Phil Befumo and the company well as they trailblaze into the future. UMC’s leadership is well prepared to deliver upon its mission of being a modern distributor in a modern world.”


United Mineral and Chemical Corporation, is an industry leader in the supply of Specialty Effect Pigments such as Daylight and UV Fluorescent pigments, as well as Phosphorescent, Pearlescent, Thermochromic, Photochromic, Aroma-chromic, and Organic pigments. In addition, they offer a comprehensive portfolio of resins, thickeners, additives, and modifiers for coatings. Some of these are, Acrylic Latex Resins, Epoxy & Alkyd Resins, Fumed Silica, Silane Coupling Agents, Silicone Emulsions & Fluids, TGIC, Diatomaceous Earth, Microlite, and TA-95 pH modifier. These, join their fast-growing lines of Food and Beverage ingredients.


UMC Corporate Headquarters located at 160 Chubb Ave. Suite 206, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
+1 (201) 507-3300


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