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Modern materials distributor, UMC, proudly offers UMC Dry Cleaning Solvent. Ideal for any commercial dry cleaner, the UMC Dry Cleaning Solvent liquid solvent is non-hazardous, odorless, and delivers a powerful clean.

UMC Dry Cleaning Solvent

Our organic solvent is non-hazardous, odor free, and VOC excempt.


Because UMC Dry Cleaning Solvent is classified as a non-hazardous material, it’s safe to transport and store with less regulation. The solvent is not combustible or flammable, meaning a safer facility and lower business insurance premiums.


When washed with UMC Dry Cleaning Solvent, clothes feel softer and iron beautifully. The clear liquid is effective, even when used in high temp washes, leading to superior stain removal and an overall better clean. UMC Dry Cleaning is compatible with existing washing equipment and can be used in combination with other additives and detergents.

Enviromentally Friendly

UMC Dry Cleaning Solvent is biodegradable and VOC exempt. You can trust that UMC Dry Cleaning Solvent has been tested to meet NSF purity standards. UMC Dry Cleaning Solvent is available in bulk via UMC’s broad distribution network. Our nationwide technical support and trusted partners ensure your satisfaction every step of the way. Dry clean only, with UMC Dry Cleaning Solvent.

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Physical Property UnitTest MethodTypical Value
API Gravity (60°F) ‘FASTM D 28745.0-47.5
Viscosity-50°CcStASTM D 445279.2
Viscosity-30°CcStASTM D 44544.66
Viscosity-20°CcStASTM D 4454.9
Viscosity 40°CcStASTM D 4452.6
Viscosity 100°CcStASTM D 4451.0
ColorSayboltASTM D 156+30
Aniline Point‘FASTM D 611197.0
Pour Point‘FASTM D 97-198
Specific Gravity (60°F)‘FASTM D 40520,795
Flash Point‘FASTM D 92218
Aromatics Volume%ASTM D 1319Non-Detectable
SulfurppmASTMD 4951Non-Detectable
Distillarion Range‘FASTDN1D 86
1BP ‘FASTN1D 86450
50%‘FASTN1D 86475
90%‘FASTN1D 86515
AppearanceVisualClear and Bright
Vapor Pressure (20°C) mmHgASTM D 2879 0.040
Kauri-Butanol ValueASTM D 113324A
Bromine NumberASTM D1159<1.0
Unsulfonated Residuevol%ASTN D 48398,1
Loss on Drying by TGAvol%ASTM E185823,0
FDA 21 CFR 178.3620 (b)Meets
VOC ContentExempt for Consumer Goods Applications


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