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We are a leading provider of clean water chemistries that target sanitization, filtration, and stabilization in swimming pools & spas. We also provide products for soil remediation and purification of drinking water.


Calcium Hypochlorite

United Mineral & Chemical (UMC) is the exclusive distributor of Dodhia Chemtex Pvt. Ltd.’s Hi-Clear Calcium Hypochlorite. Our sodium process calcium hypochlorite meets or exceeds the highest standards in the pool industry. Using UMC’s Hi-Clear Calcium Hypochlorite will ensure the water you drink or swim in is clean and sanitized!

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Potassium Permanganate NSF

UMC has been a supplier of Potassium Permanganate for over 40 years and currently is one of the major suppliers in the North America.

UMC offers NSF 60 Certified Potassium Permanganate AWWA grade as well as the technical grade and we can ship both types in LTL and full truckload quantities from our US warehouses.

The main applications for the AWWA grade are in potable (municipal) water treatment with the Technical grade being used in various applications including wastewater treatment and soil remediation.

Sodium Permanganate

UMC offers NSF certified Sodium Permanganate at various percentages from 1- 40%.

With our regional blending facilities, we can offer custom requests on a timely basis in drums and totes. The main applications include soil remediation and muncipal water treatment.

SiLibeads® Glass Beads Filter Media

High Performance Filtration Media for use in industrial water treatment and water reclaiming systems.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

UMC offers a variety of Diatomaceous Earth grades. Each of our natural, calcined, and flux-calcined DE grades have low density, high porosity, and high surface area properities. All of the DE we offer is mined and processed in USA.

Due to the small size and porosity, it is perfect for filtration. The pores trap bacteria, suspended solids, and some viruses which make it a superior filter aid for industries such as pool & spa, beer, wine, fruit juices, syrup, and honey. Our SwimPool DE filters dirt, algae, and amoeba down to 3-5 microns to keep pools sparkling clean.

Diatomaceous Earth fillers are used as a flattening/matting agent in paints and coatings industry. The combination of their high brightness, irregular structure, and high absorption make it an excellent choice to alter gloss and sheen, extend primary pigments, and enhance coating adhesion. It can be included as a whitening agent and extender in white paints to reduce costs of TiO2.

Other products

– Isocyanuric Acid
– Perlite
– Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate
– Zinc Sulfate Hexahydrate


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