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United Mineral & Chemical (UMC) offers a full line of dry color fluorescent pigments to meet the most demanding applications. UMC is the exclusive distributor of Uk Seung Chemical Company, a South Korean Manufacturer for these products. Please refer to your particular application area below.

  • Textiles
  • Screen Links
  • Printing Inks
  • Plastics
  • Paper Coating
  • Hobby Market
  • Magchrom®
  • Gel Inks
  • Flexographic / Gravure Printing Inks
  • Digital Inks
  • Coatings
  • Aerosol Paints

UMC offers a wide range of strong, vibrant, fluorescent pigments to suit many textile applications. Footwear, swimwear, athletic tops, T shirts, skirts and accessories – anywhere neon colors are required.
Coating textiles, pigmenting fiber, adding color to synthetics are only a few of the ways our fluorescents are used in the textile and garment markets.

Lumikol Color CardPanax Color Card
Screen Links

UMC offers a full line of traditional fluorescent dry color powders, including yellow, orange, red, pink, rose, violet, magenta, blue & green in dry color form. Properties include solvent resistance, fine particle size and high color intensity.

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Printing Inks

A wide variety of colors & product lines are available in dry form (powder) for water based and solvent based systems. Strong clean colors, very small particle size and consistent particle size distribution.

Panax – Color CardLumikol Color Card

Heat stable product lines that are non-migratory provide good opacity with a narrow particle size distribution. Formaldehyde Free, Low plate out, polyamide resin system available.

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Paper Coating

UMC offers several lines of economical dry color materials that provide excellent color intensity and color strength.

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Hobby Market

UMC offers ACMI pre-approved material that is suitable for tempera paints, molding clays, bingo markers, crayons, and other such hobbies. A full range of dry colors is available.

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An ultra-sub-micron line of dispersions that can be used for Highlighter and Marker inks. Low viscosity, non-formaldehyde products that are the newest technology for this application.

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Gel Inks

Lumikol Sub-micron particle size fluorescent dispersions are used in the newest Gel Ink applications. The inks made from this line can be used in the production of easy flow pens.

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Flexographic / Gravure Printing Inks

UMC offers a line of water based dispersions. These sub-micron particle size products are especially designed for water based Flexo and Gravure applications and the rigors of printing with fine line anilox systems.

When used in conjunction with the Panax UFB series of dry color fluorescent pigments, an ink exhibiting excellent color strength, superior hiding power and outstanding transfer characteristics is obtained.

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Digital Inks

Lumikol dispersions fill the growing need for new effects in Digital Inks meeting the requirements for ultra-small particle size distribution and good transfer required by inkjet systems.

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UMC offers a full line of traditional fluorescent colors for the coatings industry. Properties include excellent hiding power, strong & clean colors, solvent resistance, & excellent economics. Special grades are available for powder coatings.

Panax – Color CardLumikol Color Card
Aerosol Paints

Ultra-fine particle size material is available in a complete range of colors, suitable for use in a wide variety of solvent and water based systems.

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