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Weather resistant pearlescent pigments developed using mica, glass, silica bases, etc,,, are being used in various high performance applications. Alumina-based pearlescent pigments have also been specifically surface treated to be compatible and durable in the various resin systems tipically used in these applications.

  • Adamas® Exterior
  • Automotive™
  • Automotive Natural™
  • Automotive Chaos®
  • Automotive Axion®
  • Automotive Ferrius®
  • Automotive Kromax™
  • Automotive Multiorora®
Adamas® Exterior

The Adamas® series is developed on a high purity platy alumina (Al2O3) substrate, produced by CQV’s own patented technology. The alumina substrate allows for a significantly more uniform particle thickness as well as smoothness compared to existing pigments based on natural mica, synthetic mica, or glass-flake. This series provides not only a greater sense of depth and high chroma, but also a different level of sparkle that can be seen throughout all angles of viewing. Thus, eliminating the “horizontal vs. vertical” appearance differences seen with other effect materials. Such an effect is unique to platy alumina.

Applications include:

  • Automotive/transportation OEM and refinish coatings
  • Architectural coil coatings
  • General metal finishing for exterior use
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The AUTOMOTIVE™ pearl pigment series is made of a synthetic-mica-based substrate similar to the Reflex industrial grades but with a post treatment layer to improve significantly, humidity and UV resistance. This series is coated with titanium dioxide, iron oxide, or a combination of both to provide high luster, chroma, and brightness.

Applications include:

  • Automotive OEM & Refinish
  • Exterior Plastics
  • Exterior architectural coil coatings
  • Elastomeric Coatings
  • Aerospace Coatings
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Automotive Natural™

The Automotive Natural™ OP products are natural mica based pigments similar to the Reflex Natural industrial line. These products are post treated using silane coupling agents in combination with other proprietary materials, in order to enhance the compatibility of the products in various types of resin systems either solvent or water based.

Applications include:

  • Automotive OEM & Refinish
  • Architectural Coil
  • Concrete Finishes
  • Aerospace Coatings
  • Signage & Graphics
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Automotive Chaos®

The AUTOMOTIVE CHAOS® series are new synthetic mica-based pearlescent pigments that utilize a patented high density coating technology, resulting in higher chroma colors, with the benefit of added opacity, and high luster compared to the Reflex and Reflex Natural series. Unlike these standard interference colors, this line of effect pigments, produce intense and sophisticated effects. The CHAOS line is post treated with a non-chromium type system which as with the other Automotive grades enhances the weatherbility for use in high performance applications.

Applications include:

  • Automotive OEM & Refinish
  • Motorcycle and ATV Coatings
  • Exterior General Metal Decorative Coatings
  • Aerosol Touchup Paints
  • Architectural Coatings
  • Transportation parts and components
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Automotive Axion®

The Automotive AXION® OP is a glass-flake based pearl pigment surface treated for high performance applications. The pigment has a very fine particle size distribution (5-35 microns) and imparts its own unique color and luster, giving an impressive sense of depth to any class A finish. Its small size and clarity minimizes any type of “milky” look at the off angle.

Applications include:

  • OEM Automotive coatings
  • OEM Motorcycle Coatings
  • Custom Refinish
  • Automotive plastic and metal components
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Automotive Ferrius®

The AUTOMOTIVE Ferrius® line is created using CQV’s patented multilayer technology using Fe2O3 on synthetic mica in place of TiO2 as in the case of the Chaos line. Ferrius create a realistic metallic effect without the use of actual metals. The double layer technology produces shades of incredible depth of color, with high levels of luster, which cannot be achieved using standard metal based pigments. Their non-metallic nature makes them highly suitable for use in waterborne high performance coatings where actual metals can have a tendency to generate H2 gas.

Applications include:

  • Automotive OEM & Refinish
  • Signage
  • Architectural metal finishing (fencing, roofing, trim)
  • Exterior Graphics
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Automotive Kromax™

The AUTOMOTIVE KROMAX™ series is a synthetic-mica-based pigment using an improved grinding, classification, and coating technology, which allows for the generation of colors and effects superior to any of the other interference color product lines. The benefit of the combination of new technologies can be seen under a light microscope, where the color of each individual particle is more uniform, allowing for the highest level of color saturation possible, without sacrificing a high level of luster or opacity. As with other products in the CQV exterior line, AUTOMOTIVE KROMAXTM is also post treated for added exterior durability.

Applications include:

  • Automotive OEM & Refinish
  • Architectural Coatings
  • Aerospace Striping and Trim
  • Heavy Truck
  • Recreational Vehicles
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Automotive Multiorora®

The AUTOMOTIVE Multiorora® series are effect pigments that change color depending on the viewing agle. Now applicable for exterior use, the series gives you fascinating shades that definitely attract attention.

The Atuomotive Multiorara® series offer great opportunites for developing colors with endless gradients of subtly shifting hues. This novel color interplay allowa for the development of truly unique colors with a subtle nuance not attainable any other way.

Applications product info:

  • Optically variable effect pigments as viewing angle
  • Synthetic mica based effect pigments
  • High weathering resistance
  • Compatibility for various resin
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