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Dynemic General

Dynemic Products Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer of food colors started in 1990. Over the year’s company has achieved success in India and overseas market, stands among the major Food Colors manufacturers in the world. To match best industry standards, companyhas adapted new technology and robust system.

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FDC – Dynemic

Acomplete range of FD&C (Food Drug &Cosmetic) colors approved by US FDA.

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Lakes – Dynemic

Lake colors are dispersible in vegetable oil, and can be mixed with fats, oils, etc. They can also be dispersed in suspension of propylene glycol or sucrose (water or sugar). Because of their good dispersion properties, an almost infinite variety of products can be coloredwith these pigments. Available ni different concentration like 15-22%, 23-30%, 31-38%, 40-45%.

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Food Colores – Dynemic

A primary Food Colors are basic colors and are widely used as additives, to dress up the food products thereby making them
visually more appealing. APrimary Food color is water-soluble and exhibits coloring power when ti is dissolved.

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