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UMC is the US distributor for CQV Cosmetic Pearlescent pigments in the Midwest and Eastern States.

Aspanger MICA – the sustainable European alternative of a pure Muscovite MICA with a lower carbon footprint for Cosmetics”

Our source of fine, high quality and pure Muscovite-MICA, located in the middle of Europe, guarantees not only a supply for more than the next 100 years – ASPANGER MICA is the functional filler in the cosmetic and personal care market.  which improves the performance of the application.  ASPANGER MICA reduces the permeability and increases the coverage due to high aspect ratio. Due to the very low oil absorption, ASPANGER MICA has an excellent wettability and saves consequently costs within the total formulation.  Excellent alternative for Talc and Kaolin.

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Cosmetic Mica F
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