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We offer a complete range of high quality active active formula ready to be used or incorporated in final cosmetics products such as: Anti-aging creams, Soothing care products, Skin brightening cosmetics, Hydrating cosmetic products, Cosmetics products.

ACTIFS PRECIEUX offers a complete range of high quality active formula ready to be used or incorporated in final cosmetic products such as:

• Anti-aging creams
• Soothing care products
• Skin brightening cosmetics
• Hydrating cosmetic products
• Cosmetics products

Active extract specifications:
• 100% natural, Pure, free from solvents or additives.
• Meet the strict criteria of natural cosmetic standards.
• Highly concentrated and efficient at a low dosage.
• Sterile and do not need any preservation.
• Free from water, carbohydrates and proteins.
• Very stable and stand out due to a very long shelf life.

Our State-of-the-art plant extraction allows us to develop tailor-made natural ingredients. From the development of inspirational extracts and active ingredients to exclusive customized projects.

  • Mirinae®
  • Aleppo Pine
  • Black Cummin Seed
  • Coriander
  • Date Seeds
  • Prickly Pears
  • Boswellia Sacra
  • Nigella Sativa Extract
  • ActifSoleis Spicy
  • ActifSoleis Floral
  • ActifSoleis Frankincense
  • Actifsoleis Jasmin

We offer high quality cosmetic ingredient mainly focused on plants of the Mediterranean, our products are 100% natural, free from additives and any chemical solvents.

In the high-growth sector of vegetable substances, our main purpose is to improve the health and well-being of people all over the world throughout innovative active ingredients by exploring the health and beauty benefits of natural ingredients.

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Aleppo Pine

Naturally distributed throughout the Mediterranean area, Aleppo Pine is considered as the dominant pine species in the natural pine Medirranean Forests.
Aleppo pine also known as Jerusalem pine, It is the wild tree all the lower area of mediterranean. We, as ACTIFS PRECIEUX, want to make our contribution to the valorization of Aleppo Pine in Tunisia. The seed is the most concentrated part of the plant and an ideal choice for top quality.

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Black Cummin Seed

Efficient since forever. For thousands of years, Black seed oil has been used and known as the ancestral natural remedy for its therapeutic and beauty benefits.
Extracted from the small plant of Nigella Sativa, with pale purple, blue, or white flowers it spontaneously grows in North Africa, Middle East and West Asia. People have used the tiny black seeds of the fruits of N.sativa as a natural remedy for thousands of years. The seeds can also flavor curries,pickles,and bread.

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Coriander is an annual and herbaceous plant, belonging to the Apiaceae family. It is a culinary and medicinal plant, native of southern Europe and the western Mediterranean region, this herb is cultivated worldwide. It has been used as an analgesic, carminative, digetive, antirheumatic and antispasmodic agent. Its fruits(seeds) are used for flavouring candies, in cookery, perfumery, beverages and in the tabacco industry.

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Date Seeds

Cultivated in Tunisia for 5000 years, the Date Palm Tree is often called “The tree of life” in the desertic region, so called for the high nutritional value of its dates praised all over the world. When held to the light, Date seed can be seen right through the flesh, as fingers of light. Native of Tunisian desert, Phoenix dactyliferaL., commonly known as date palm, is a plant species belonging to the palm family that is cultivated for its edible sweet fruit.

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Prickly Pears

Prickly pear plant is cultivated throughout the Mediterranean area, northern Africa, Middle East and Mexico. The plant is considered an invasive species in northern Africa.
As the fruits of Opuntia ficus-indica are delicate, they need to be carefully harvested by hand. The small spines on the fruits are removed by rubbing them on an abrasive surface or sweeping them through grass. Before consumption, they are peeled and sliced. Prickly pear is widely cultivated and used in juices, jellies, candies, teas, and alcoholic drinks.

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Boswellia Sacra

At one time, Frankincense Boswellia Sacra was worth it’s weight in gold, and it’s still a rare and precious commodity.

Frankincense Boswellia Sacra, dried resin from the desert tree in Southern Arabia grows typically in Oman. It is an aromatic resin that is often used in perfumes and incense.

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Nigella Sativa Extract

By supercritical fluid extraction using natural carbon dioxide as a solvent . No solvent residues . The product is 100 % natural. Preservative free.

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ActifSoleis Spicy

Phoenix dactylifera have Sweet, fruity fantasy note with a caramelic honeyed and buttery facet While Coriandrum Sativum has orange facets in top with a spicy, woody resinous, clay like background note The aroma of coriander seeds is usually described as pleasant, warm, nutty and spicy with an undertone similar to orange peel.

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ActifSoleis Floral

Phoenix dactylifera has Sweet, fruity fantasy note with a caramelic, honeyed and buttery facet and Rosa Centifolia has the compound that imparts fragrance to the product which is generally Phenethyl Alcohol.

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ActifSoleis Frankincense

While date extract strikes you first by its top note, Frankincense extract have
base note that feel deeper and heavier Combined they gives a warm oriental
fragrance little spicy and rather heady, ethereal even.

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Actifsoleis Jasmin

The fun loving fragrance of Jasminum Sambac Flower & the rich scent of Phoenix Dactylifera seed blended together make the aromatic mixture authentic and incredibly intense. Jasmine flower has a sweet, romantic fragrance while date possess a sweet, fruity fantasy note.

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