United Mineral & Chemical Corporation health, safety, and environmental policy and practices

UMC’s health, safety, and environmental strategy is an integral part of sustainable business development and represents a benefit to our stakeholders. UMC believes in transparency in supply chains as well as carefully protecting intellectual property.

UMC commits significant resources focusing on:

  • 100% compliance with applicable domestic and global regulations.
  • Zero harm to the environment
  • Providing GHS compliant SDS, labelling, and complete health/safety information on products
  • Continual improvement of practices, training, and informational sources.
  • Stewardship of products and accountability with employees, suppliers, transporters, warehouses, and customers

In addition, UMC provides assistance and expertise involving US TSCA, global chemical inventories, FDA applicability, US DEA diversion control, EU REACH, global transportation (ground, sea, air), importing of chemicals and customs clearing, US pesticide requirements, and approvals from third party registrars such as NSF and ACMI (Art & Creative Materials Institute).


UMC Corporate Headquarters located at 160 Chubb Ave. Suite 206, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
+1 (201) 507-3300


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