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A modern distributor in a modern world

Sustainability is our future

We are committed to sustainability by reducing our environmental footprint, maximizing our social impact, and empowering and collaborating with our stakeholders to ensure our business practices create an elevated future where we all thrive.

Key Highlights


Paperless Company

100% of products are assessed for health and safety impacts


ISO 9001:2015

Zero security breach incidents


Zero Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate

Average of 3,360 training hours per year for employees

ICD Education Endowment for professional development

ESG Report 2023

A positive impact for our stakeholders

Environmental Impacts

We are dedicated to reducing our local and global environmental footprint.

Social Impacts

We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and contributing to the wellbeing of our employees, customers, suppliers, and community.

Governance Impacts

We conduct business with integrity and ethics at the forefront of every strategic action and decision.

A Message From

A Message From the CEO

“A modern distributor in a modern world” is the mission of UMC. After being in business for over 70 years, it would be easy to rest on our success and the long-standing relationships we have formed. However, UMC continues to be a strategic leader by putting its employees, customers, and suppliers first. I’m humbled and honored that we have chosen to devote ourselves to incorporating key ESG principles into our long-term business plan, because in this rapidly changing world it gives us a clear path to prioritize our stakeholder experiences.”



A Message From the President

“For UMC, sustainability is about longevity. It requires dedication and commitment to agility, integrity and a “people-first” approach to business. This has made UMC successful for decades and was central to overcoming the challenges of the pandemic. These core tenets of our business were evident in our exclusive supplier relationships that were critical to our ability to deliver high demand products such as clean water solutions, construction resins, food additives, specialty pigments, organic cosmetics, pure metals, and deposition products, among others.

With our employees, we focused on their well-being inside and outside of the workplace. We made mental health resources available, adapted our processes and systems to a remote work environment, and invested in the community and family culture that has made UMC successful. Many of the adaptations to remote processes and systems and digital transformation are what will make us stronger in our collaboration and communication with our stakeholders moving forward.

Our core tenants empower us to understand our customers, suppliers and logistics partners’ experiences to make strategic improvements. We actively seek feedback and insights in order to deliver better service and offer products to stay ahead of market trends and regulatory requirements. Our organic and environmentally conscious product lines of colorants, additives, ingredients, and cosmetics are rapidly evolving. Our deposition and battery products are keeping pace with digital and technological demands. We listen, we act, and we prioritize sustainability throughout our processes.

We give back to the communities and groups that touch our business in which our partners, customers, suppliers, and employees have passions for. We contribute through our time and financial contributions to local food shelves, provide scholarship programs, non-profit institutions, and charity foundations that serve at-risk groups and people with special needs.

With a long history of success, we are excited to increase our focus and investment in our approach to sustainability by formalizing our efforts and working towards executing our ESG goals. Thank you for your support and partnership in our sustainability journey.”




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