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United Mineral & Chemical Corporation, where service to customers is goal number one,is a leading distributor of High Purity Metals, Pigments and Chemicals. We have been providing manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia with high quality products for over 65 years. We also distribute sophisticated equipment for Molecular Beam Epitaxy in the Compound Semiconductor industry.


UMC is a leading supplier of high purity metals and compounds for Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Bulk Crystal Growth and Doping applications in the semiconductor industry.

We are also the North American representative of MBE Komponenten, Dr. Karl Eberl who design, fabricate and supply replacement and custom MBE equipment and components.

UMC has also been a global force in the distribution of chemicals and allied products to various industries such as paint and coatings, composites, water treatment, pyrotechnics, adhesives, sealants, and concrete additives. Our world-wide contacts and offices provide your company with access, in just one phone call or email, to your required products as manufactured by prime producers in the Far East, Europe and South America. One of UMC’s strengths is our ability to source those difficult to procure products and we look forward to being of assistance.

UMC is an industry leader in Special Effect Pigments. No where else can you find as complete a line of Phosphorescent, Daylight Fluorescent, and UV Fluorescent Pigments. These, combined with Classical Organic Pigments, and Inorganic Pigments, make UMC the best choice for all your Pigment needs.